GE 28" Laundry Pedestal with Storage Drawer GFP1528SNWW

GEModel Number: GFP1528SNWW
This GE® Pedestal offers flexible multi-use storage that accommodates large additive bottles.

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Additional Information
• Adjustable divider
• Drawer rollers: Stainless steel ball bearings
• Spill resistant
• Storage drawer
Class Width
28 inch(es) / 71.12 cm
16 inch(es) / 40.64 cm
28.87 inch(es) / 73.34 cm
44 lb(s) / 19.96 kg
Shipping Dimensions
31.5 inch(es) / 80.01 cm
17 inch(es) / 43.18 cm
29.8 inch(es) / 75.69 cm
49.01 lb(s) / 22.23 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Refund for Defective Drawers

Like so many of the reviews, we experienced the exact same problem with our new pedestal drawers. After multiple replacements and trips to repair, the store we purchased the units from had no further solution. After contacting GE it was determined that even thought the plastic drawers are stamped with "Max Load 50#", GE does not recommend more than 25#. It is my understanding that they would be changing the documentation. The primary reason we purchased the units was for storage of large detergent bottles, washing supplies, towels, etc. as indicated in the literature and promoted by the store. There appears to be a design flaw in the materials used to make the drawer and after several conversations with GE, it is apparent the design is not currently being modified and this will be an ongoing problem. In the end, we were able to get a full refund from GE for the purchase price.

Believe the terrible reviews

I wish I'd read these reviews before we bought our new GE dryer and pedestal. After four months, the drawer began coming off track. The left rail is clearly defective and sounds like a manufacturing defect. 4 months = 16 weeks = 4 loads of laundry per week = opening the drawer 64 times before it failed. That's about $4 for each pull. Called GE who says accessories don't have a warranty, but they'll still dispatch a repair person to take a look. Oops, we're overbooked in your area, we'll have to report out to a third party. Oops, we don't have any third parties in your area, we'll have to send it to our special search team. I am very pleased with the dryer, which at $1K I better be, but for the moment I spent an extra ~$250 for a decorative useless box for it to sit on. Here's hoping the GE-located repair person makes it right, but based on these reviews, I suspect there's a sagging issue around the corner.

Pedestal Drawers Make Clicking Sound

First just one but now both pedestal drawers make clicking sound. Was told by customer service that technicians only service appliances not the pedestal drawers as they are considered an accessory. Drawers do not look like they are sagging so not sure what the isssue is. Very disappointed to read the other reviews and feel like the issue will not be resolved. If GE sells a product whether appliance or accessory they should stand behind what they sell and ensure that any issues with their products are addressed and repaired.

Won’t open. Tub sags

As all others have shared, this is a HUGE irritation of a product! I have several GE appliances, including the Cafe line. These pedestals are flawed beyond belief and really make me not like the GE brand (considering these cost another $250 each, on top of the $1.1K appliances!). There is no excuse for the poor performance-literally out of the box, on these. The plastic tub sags in the middle and drags on its own steel frame. It only gets worse and worse over time, even without storing anything in the drawer! I’ve taken the tub out and tried to make adjustments but the tub itself is just incredibly faulty. It’s not made of the right polymer to hold its shape. This one was warped from the beginning, so it must be a defect in production. Super angry, considering GE has tight controls on manufacturing and molding… hard to believe this was simply “missed”. My wife is irritated with it which means I’m not happy. She can’t even open the drawer anymore.

Pedistal Feet

Three Months ago this was written: AdrianatGEA · 3 months ago "Hello! Thank you for choosing GE Appliances for your home. We are more than happy to provide guidance. The leveling legs on this pedestal have a 1/2" adjustment. With the pedestal being 16" tall, the legs fully extended make the pedestal approximately 16 1/2" tall. We appreciate you checking with us, and we hope this information helps! " When it was installed, the installer did not put on the "leveling legs." I called GE and got a part number that supposedly was these "leveling legs" for the pedistal. When it came, they ere not the correct parts. WHAT IS THE PART NUMBER FOR THE "Leveling Legs?" ONLY The Legs with the rubber tip. And I tried to find the parts list, but can't even when the website says it is available.

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