Café Cooking Accessories Temperature Probe JXPROBE1

CaféModel Number: JXPROBE1
Café™ temperature probe.

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Customer Reviews

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Jesse J F
Best way to sous vide!

We have the Profile PHS93X Induction range (don’t get confused by the Cafe platinum glass door, we added that ourselves, though functionally they’re the same unit). This probe has been on backorder for a while, and I finally snagged one. I was concerned about how even the heating would be given the lack of a circulator, but the temperature is consistently maintained within 1 degree of set temp throughout the pot, and I checked many times. I added some pepper to the water to see how much circulation was occurring just by virtue of heating, and was surprised to see just how much the water moves around. Very cool gadget!

Works great for Sous Vide as intended

Since this is a Sous Vide device (JXPROBE1) and not a thermometer for all cooking it is worthy of the stars (I didn't dock points for it not being able to do things it wasn't intended for). It would be incredible if it could be used for all cooking (candy making, deep frying etc) I am not sure why the limited temperature range except that maybe the electronics couldn't handle that type of heat since the device is magnetized to the pot. It was seemless to connect to my GE Cafe range via bluetooth. The biggest fault of this device is the battery does not last as long as required for most sous vide meat cooking (18+ hours). Twice now I have tried to do a 24 hour sous vide and have had to charge it during the process which means I now manually have to monitor the temp of the water while it charges. It does not appear that you can charge it while its cooking. And why no battery indicator light?? It has an LED display - put it to use. Or, since you can use the app to control the device add an alarm in there. I was fortunate to have caught it just as it was shutting off, if it had happened in the middle of the night my dinner would have been ruined. However, it has kept the water temp at what I had set it to and it is awesome to have this feature with my range. I hope more accessories come out similar to this.

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